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Sign up and be your
own boss

Drive when you feel like it … and make money as much money as you want

You set your own working hours ..

Drive anytime .. Day and night … all year around

Do whatever you want to do .. Be your own boss

Always make money .. Base fare + distance or time

Load the app … register … submit your paperwork to our nearest office

Our app will make money for you … Easy to use …… All what you need a smart phone with data plan

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It is easy to start diving
and earn money


Sign up online ..


Send you documents …

  • Driving license
  • Insurance
  • Car registration
  • No Criminal Record Certificate


Sign up online ..

Visit our local office and get ready for onboarding session

How the app works?

  • Connect to the internet
    using your smartphone

    We are ready whenever you want to drive and pick up passengers

  • Accept ride requests

    The choice is yours .. Once online, you will automatically start receive ride requests in your area. Your smart phone will alert you and you have the choice to accept of reject the ride request .. Accept and make money

  • You will be guided
    to the rider’s location

    Our app will use google Earth to navigate you to the pickup location, The app will let the Rider know you are arriving ..
    Once the ride begin, you will be directed to the destination using the navigation system

  • Track you earnings

    The app will work out exactly how much you earned .. Earning will be transferred to you using your preferred method of payment

  • Your performance will be
    rated by Riders

    Riders will rate your performance .. You will also be able to rate the Rider .. Two wat rating wholesale nfl jerseys system will ensure respectful and courteous service

  • If you are ready to Drive…
    Sign up now..

    Get the requirement from our office or call us

    Minimum requirements:

    • Valid driving license
    • Car registration documents
    • No Criminal Record Certificate

    Once the submission is completed, The process will take few days to complete.
    The car will be inspected for safety and cleanness